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Happy New Year


Hi, Folks.

We hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 2017 was a more settled year for Yard Of Ale. Our new line-up has bedded in well and some new gigs and venues were gained in the process. We introduced a lot of new material and continue to do so, recording them as we go along for our new CD. This is not far off being ready to go to press and we have enough extra recordings to give the next CD a head start.

 It was great to be back as hosts at the “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival” at the Guildford Arms. We had a really good time over our five nights, with some super guests, old and new. We haven’t yet discussed the Fringe 2018 set-up, but I’m fairly certain it will go ahead with a similar format.

 We bring in the New Year with a Hogmanay Party at Aberdour Golf Club and return to Aberdour on Tuesday, 2nd January hosting "T in the carPark" in the Aberdour Hotel courtyard marquee in the afternoon, 2.30pm to 6.00pm. Hot food will be available, children are welcome and it’s FREE. Our guests this year will include “Harvey’s Boys”, “Tomfoolery” and the incredible, Ian James Macfarlane. Hope to see you there.



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Walter's Words of Wisdom


The Dogs They Had a Party....


We all have surreal episodes in our lives. Judging by Peter’s ramblings, they happen to him most of the time! If you’ve been to some of our gigs this year you may have met my dog, Chaos, a very handsome Fox Red Labrador. Chaos gets a run in The Meadows most mornings, and he now has doggy friends who exercise him much more efficiently than I can! However, to get to the point, one of his canine acquaintances was one year old last week and Barney’s owner said he was having a party – yes a doggy birthday party. It was to take place in a very dog-friendly local Italian café, Strigicake. So at 9:30, 7 dogs and their owners made their way there. Soon Chaos was in the café and the café was indeed in chaos! The dogs, big and small, old and young, were everywhere, snuffling round, hoovering up crumbs, fighting each other and generally playing havoc. Four students came in and couldn’t believe the surreal scene they were witnessing. However no permanent damage was done, much coffee and superb Italian cakes and not a few dog biscuits were consumed.

Chaos may well be at one or both of the next New Year gigs, and if so, he will definitely have none of his doggy friends with him.

I hope you had a great Christmas and have good fortune in the New Year!



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Peter's Blog


Happy Hogmania!

Festive Frightwigs Akimbo!!


Greetings, bar-scrappers and gangster rappers and all who sail away from you and keep a safe distance just in case. 'Tis I, Pedro the implausible, hailing from an Apache Junction estate which is currently basking in glorious sunshine. Should this be regarded as an impetus for outdoor excursions, however, the inevitable result shall be detachment of body parts due to baltic obliterations unheard of this side of the North Pole picket fence (if such a thing is a thing). Aye, it's a tad cauld right enough.

However, we shall warm the cockles (they're a bit chewy uncooked) and consider another year gone and another ring round the old tree trunk (as Snow White fondly calls my expanding waistline). The Apache Junction estate has a new extension on the south wing which is proving ideal as a pad for our lovely grandsons Rory Gallagher Stanton, Dean Martin Sauzee and Hank Willians Zidane O'Rourke-Obama to glare at me from. They even have a new christmas nickname for me-"hey, Scrooge McBawbag!" they roared. Aw, cuter every day.

Our token musician Walter Moat-Drawbridge has settled in nicely over the year. It's mainly been a process of dealing with the finely honed skills of the 'thrash folk' rhythm section phenomenon which is Al and me. The two core skills we have mastered over years of careful study are vital to our sound and those are 'swearing and forgetting stuff'. Without those we are nothing-and contribute hugely to our innovation (freeform jazz/rock arrangements of 'Killiekrankie' etc.). The sum of Walter's hard work can be measured-he's only been sectioned twice this year and he can do whole gigs without crying. We are proud, very proud.

However, I biodegrade from the point of this, our New Year notility, which is, of course, to offer complaints of the season to the happy hordes who continue with us upon our fantastic journey with the odd fabby-dabby detour. We shall bemingle among the brass monkeys as ever before staggering blinking into 2018. See you on our travails whether it's monsoon Munlochy, sun-drenched Sanquhar or barely-copin' Hagen. Wherever on this planet or the next...we shall be as ever......

 Yours Aye,


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