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Hi, Folks

Our new CD “Going with the Flow” was released (escaped) in late July. You can buy a copy at gigs, from our website or download from iTunes, Amazon, etc. So far it is selling fairly well and the feedback we’ve received has been very good.

Caledonian Folk and Blues at the Guildford Arms was, once again, a great success. Huge thanks to founder member, Ian Lawson, for standing in on bass, to Steve Jackson and his team for looking after us so well and to our guests, Bedford Falls, FC Ukulele, On The Wagon and The Mad Ferret Band, for entertaining us so splendidly. They all did a marvellous job.

Looking ahead, we have a fairly healthy diary for the rest of the year with a return to Blair Athol for “Food in the Park” to kick things off. This will be our last show there for this season but we’re back there in April and September next year. If you’ve never been to “Food in the Park”, now’s your chance before winter takes a hold. This year they’ve had a “big” act every month with the likes of Dougie MacLean and Tide Lines to name but two. These shows are ticketed but not with the silly prices you would pay elsewhere and they have already announced Big Country for June next year. That should be a cracker.

 We are really delighted to have been booked to headline the Dunfermline Folk Weekend on the 27th of October. It’s not often we get that kind of recognition and it makes a very pleasant change. Tickets are available from: www.dunfermlinefolkclub.co.uk/folk-weekend-2018.html

All the best. Alistair


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Walter's Words of Wisdom


The Nights Are Fair Drawing In


Autumn is with us - the nights are fair drawing in! We’ve all had some time off following the 5 nights in a row at the Guildford, away on various holidays. In my case, I had a very hot week in Morayshire in the North East and a very wet one on Mull. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Walking on the Waves“ played in as many gift shops as we did during our wanderings round the single track Armageddon that is Mull. The views would have been nice if we could have seen them, but we did have a sunny day on Iona. 

Talking of “Walking on the Waves”, as Alistair has mentioned above, sales of our new CD are really beginning to pick up - I can only hope we have made enough to meet the demand!Better buy one soon before we sell out, when they’re gone, they’re gone! Those of you who have heard us recently will know that we’ve been playing most of the songs on it in our gigs. You may also have noticed a few even newer songs, candidates for the next CD. As with the last CD, it will be out next month  - every month  - until it actually comes out! 

Hope to see you at one (or more) of our upcoming gigs.



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Peter's Blog

Pedro's Frozen Frippery!

Batten Doon The Hatchbacks


Greetings, pump levers and paparazzi punchers, it’s Pedro reporting in the face of worldwide weather warnings of pending pandemonium and tsunamis of tscary tsignificance. Oh for those bammy days of sitting outside the Apache Junction Estate house simply decomposing on the mandolin.

Once again the cornucopial cultural cruastacean that is the fabulous festival city greeted us with a welcoming clout for our fringe shows. Year 24 of this ethereal extravaganza was probably just as good as the first, except none of us can remember that far back. It goes down as another tremendous success in so far as we are all, as far as we can tell, still alive.

Any road up, enough of our flippant solar frolics-having had a great time belaying beatific ballads to our bright, bold and frequently bewildered besties throughout the summer months we embark upon our autumnal jaunts which will see us gallop like the Harlem Trainspotters through venues North, South, West and Fife. ‘Twill be especially nice to meander our wobbly way to places like Dunfermline, where strangely enough, we haven’t been for a while and they’re about to be reminded why.

Fear not, funsters, the road goes on forever-at least I hope so because my brakes are dodgy, and I remain…

Yours Aye,


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