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Beyond the Fringe


Hi, Folks.

It was great to see so many friends, old and new, at this year's “Caledonian Folk and Blues Festival“ at The Guildford Arms during the Edinburgh Festival. This was our 23rd year  of the show and once again it was a great success . Huge thanks to founder member, Ian Lawson, for standing in on bass, to Steve Jackson and his team for looking after us so well and for providing refreshments for the masses and to our guests, On The Wagon, The Mad Ferret Band, Bedford Falls and FC UKulele for entertaining us so splendidly. They all did a marvellous job with special mention to new faces, The Mad Ferret Band for a great show.

 Looking ahead, we have a fairly healthy diary and we hope to get back to finishing off recording our new CD.

Have a look at our Gig Guide and see if you can manage to take in a gig or two and hear all the new material we've been working on.



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Walter's Words of Wisdom


Hello, again

The days are getting shorter (unlike Peter’s jokes) and the leaves on the trees are getting old and shrivelled (just like Peter’s jokes!). Yes, autumn is with us, it’s getting colder but at least the pumpkin ales will be hitting the shelves. After five nights in a row at The Guildford we were all tired and worn out (just like Peter’s jokes!) but after a bit of relaxation, we’re back and raring to go. We’re rehearsing a few new songs which we’ll sprinkle into the repertoire (and maybe Peter will get some new jokes? … No, you know that won’t happen, will it!).

 In my other musical activities, the Really Terrible Orchestra Festival concert was a great success, but it is all new music to learn for the next one. I’ve also been keeping my hand in on the fiddle, busking around in a few of the Edinburgh sessions. Occasionally something there crops up that fits the band, adding freshness to the set (but unfortunately not to the jokes … ).  More of that as we progress through the rest of the year and into next. If you want to find out more, come and see us, the details are all there in



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Peter's Blog


From Eastern Endeavours to Baltic Blethers

Pedro's Priceless Piffle


Hail to the pale! 'Tis I, Pedro, the un-bronzed a-donut returned unmolested from our beloved land of prayer mats and camel pats. A short absence (coincidentally the same length of time as an interpol banning order) only made my friends more eager to greet me: "away-Pedro!" they chanted. I replied that it was, indeed, nice to be away and see my pals again as a 'welcome brick'-local custom-whistled past my ear. I chuckled with delight as they wrestled playfully with airport security. Come on guys, what are you like!

The lovely Snow White duly commandeered a rickshaw which she sportingly allowed me to run behind while she relaxed with her chums Trace O'Polonium and Elsie Tannoy. They completed the 'Rocky' scenario by encouraging me to bob and weave through the hail of empty wine bottles-"Yo Hadrian, I did it!" An uplifting experience of fruitful cultural exchange and cocktails sailed by like a souped-up goolie boat and all too soon we were back in the comforting glow of freezing airborne tsunamis which gently brought our plane into Edinburgh, though it had meant to land at Newcastle. 

 Thusly it would appear that a feeling of impregnant doom would indicate that the season of brass monkeys is crimplene towards us. The grandchildren Rory Gallagher Stanton, Dean Martin Sauzee and Hank Williams Zidane O'Rourke Obama regard this prospect with their usual furious indifference. Rory is flourishing at high school-he greets me with a 'high five' (which feels more like what we used to call a punch up the froat) and says things like "yo papa dude, ain't no thang in the hood." He's got his own wee protection racket now, bless.

So our wintry wanderings shall once again take us to points far, further and Fife on a Scottish safari with Al 'Banjo Plucker-man' and Walt 'Walkabout' Mowat (to give them their authentic Borders names). Our glorious gracenotes will indubitably snap the stalactites from your sternum and the icicles from your nostrils. Wrap up warm, you yodelling yardles, because it's possible some of these gigs may take place more than three feet from a radiator. For while some bands may crave to bask in the white heat of technology, we remain the hot water bottle of the glottal stop-on which strangled metaphorical musing I shall take my leave and collect my survival suit from the dry cleaners. Should I survive that, I shall see you on the yellow lines and yellow snow where I remain... 

Yours Aye,


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Next Edition: January 2018


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